Why Does GPA Charge for Events?

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Global Prophetic Alliance (GPA) is a non-profit charity registered in Scotland (SC052986). This means that it exists for public, not private, benefit. In other words, although the ministry employs a large number paid staff*, the ministry's work is not for their benefit or profit. The charity is overseen by a board of Trustees, its accounts are independently audited and submitted every year to the Scottish charity regulator, OSCR, and published for public scrutiny.

GPA does not "charge for the gospel". The gospel of the Kingdom is shared freely on its platforms. For example, you can view literally thousands of hours of broadcasts, for free, online, on channels such as YouTube and Facebook. You can also come along to its church services (Power Church) which are, of course, free. You can volunteer and be prayed for - always free.

GPA and its ministers NEVER charge for ministry. For example, you will never be charged for prayer, prophecy, healing, deliverance or any other ministry. Our teams minister for free in a variety of settings - in churches, in our ministry centre, on the street, in hospitals, at festivals and fairs, and so on.

However, GPA does often charge a reasonable registration fee, or ticket price, for training events and conferences. It does so for various reasons including:

  • The cost of hosting events can be very, very expensive - for example, hiring a venue, equipment and so on.
  • In the past when we have had our own builidng we sometimes charged a registration fee for events (not ministry). This helps towards our rental and utility costs (heating, lighting, furniture, equipment and so on).
  • GPA regularly invites gifted ministers and communicators from around the world to share with the people of Scotland. This is a worthwhile invest to make and benefits the church here and elsewhere. Of course it costs to bring and host these ministers, something we are privileged to be able to do.
  • Most events and conferences operate at break even or a slight loss; generous donations help the ministry to continue.

Although we charge a fee or ticket price, we always try to keep these as affordable as possible, and introduce discounts as much as we can, especially for children and young people (the future of the church!).

The one ministry event that we do charge a small registration fee for is our "Freedom From..." days. This is because we have found that if we do not then a large % of those who booked do not turn up, leaving others who want to come disappointed. A small fee (e.g. £25) helps towards our costs and is a gesture of value for the event.

We do not want ANYONE to miss out on our events because of finances. If you are in genuine financial need then please write to us at admin@propheticalliance.com explaining your situation and we will consider your application and whether we are in a place to assist. Subject to space and availability.

We do also charge for:

  • courses such as Raising Prophets
  • PowerTV subscriptions
  • books and ecourses (the prices for these are set by the publishers of these products, not GPA)

The income from these products/courses helps the ministry to continue to operate for the advancement of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, and our purpose, which is to reveal the voice of God to the nations. As already stated, the ministry is non-profit so any surplus income is re-invested in our charitable work.

* Our staff are paid salaries for the work they do for the ministry. We believe that this is Scripturally acceptable (1 Timothy 5:17-18, 1 Corinthians 9:4; 7-14, Luke 10:7)


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