What are GPA's responsibilities to its network members?

2 min. readlast update: 04.19.2021

The Global Prophetic Alliance seeks to foster mature, two-way relationships. The responsibilities and expectations that go into healthy relationships work both ways. The following points outline some of the things that members can expect from the GPA HQ. (You can read about the good practices that all GPA members should adopt here).

1. We recognise that family-time, with opportunities to share with each other, is really important.

Therefore we’ll aim to host private GPA member meetings before or after our major annual conferences.

2. We recognise that leaders don’t often need someone to hold their hand – but on the few occasions that they do, they really need to be able to reach out to someone.

Therefore we’ll allocate a personal point of contact for GPA commissioned leaders – someone at HQ who you can call, message or email and who can make sure your need is made to known to the right people.

3. We take our apostolic and prophetic responsibility seriously.

If you’re up for it and willing, we recognise that our role in your life is to be a place of sharpening, stretching, training and encouragement.

4. We recognise that your primary reason for connecting with the Global Prophetic Alliance is probably because you want to hear from God better/more.

We’ll make sure that GPA members are prioritised for personal ministry appointments for prophetic check-ups (including business and leadership), freedom ministry and so on.

For churches, organisations and businesses we can arrange for a corporate prophetic word – or prioritise any invitations you send to our prophets or teaching teams.

5. It is important that we pray for you.

Here at our base in Scotland we will be praying regularly and often for everyone who is part of GPA. We will engage in winning spiritual battles on your behalf – sometimes without you even knowing there was a battle in process.

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