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What are my responsibilities as part of the Global Prophetic Alliance?

The Global Prophetic Alliance seeks to foster mature, two-way relationships. The responsibilities and expectations that go into healthy relationships work both ways. The following points outline the good practices that all GPA members should adopt. (You can read about some of the things that members can expect from the GPA HQ here)

1. You’ll recognise that good communication is really important in a relationship.

Therefore, please make every effort to keep us updated with your news, stats and prayer needs (via your point of contact).

For church, businesses and organisations – we’d love to read your annual report of stats, testimonies and successes. For Nests, we’ll want to know who your Nest members aare – so that we can cover them too. And so on.

2. You’ll recognise that, despite the wonders of modern technology, face-to-face is still the best.

Therefore, please make every effort to attend as many events at the HQ in Scotland as you can. We will endeavour to make available as many opportunities for training, teaching and encouragement, both online and in-person, but it will be your responsibility to pursue ongoing relationship and not become a ‘stranger’.

3. You’ll recognise that ‘honouring a prophet in the name of a prophet’ can take on a variety of forms. For example:

We expect you’ll sow generously into the Alliance on a regular basis.
Please consider promoting GPA events to your church members, friends and networks (affiliate discounts can be made available for select events). You may also want to link to Global Prophetic Alliance from your website or other online presence. Logos and artwork to help with this are available.

4. Just as we’ll be praying for you, it’s also important that you have your own personal/corporate prayer cover.

Spiritual warfare is real and we expect that you will acknowledge this and build accordingly. It’s really important that you take responsibility for your own ongoing and consistent prayer cover and invest in appointing intercessors for you/your ministry/your prophetic nest/your business. This kind of investment in prayer pays serious dividends! PS Your prayer groups may benefit from membership of The Purple Company.

5. Good character in relationships is so important.

Are you willing and desiring to learn, to be sharpened, to embrace change and to be stretched?